What You'll Learn Inside

  • Why Instagram stories are still key to client conversions.
  • How to create engaging (yea, even entertaining) stories that represent your voice, intrigue followers to get to know you, and cultivate community.
  • 5 Proven ways non-followers discover you through stories (you'll get the checklist instantly).
  • How to be wise on the app (and not lose track of time) in just 10-20 minutes a day.
  • A smart way to get more eyes on your posts even though you're only using stories!
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"I feel like I spend just hours and hours thinking of content for Reels. But to literally turn on the camera for 30 to 45 seconds a day, knowing I'll have on-going Reels content? I'm in!"

- Naomi Fata, Seamstress

"'Simplifying Instagram', I like that. It's like, “Ah, yes. I need that.” ‘Cause I'm not doing anything because it all feels like too much. I need something simple to get myself back on track!"

- Aimee Smith, Author

Meet Ruthie.

The founder of Authentic Online Marketing School, Ruthie is dedicated to helping Christian entrepreneurs grow a solid Instagram presence and strong newsletter list. Ruthie has worked in this field for the past five years. When she isn't fostering community on Instagram, she's working with clients and mentorship students to help them market effectively.  Ruthie is a lover of all things 70's including Charlie's Angels reruns, groovy tunes, and platform heels.

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How do my posts get seen if I’m only using stories?

It can be scary to think of not posting for a full 30 days. By using a strategy of pinned posts, grid placement, and community, you'll still get eyes on your content!

Can I add in posts and reels if I want?

Of course! While the 30-Day Simply Stories Challenge was designed to create less posting time, free your mind for other projects, or simply regain white space, it can work comfortably with any posting schedule.

What if my story views are low?

While story views are typically a fraction of post and Reels views, and some audiences are smaller than others', story views often are low due to lack of time and focus in that area. It's been proven that story viewers are dedicated followers, newsletter subscribers, and potential clients. It's worth the time to focus on a solid story strategy, and if you're discouraged overall, why not use this challenge as a springboard for that?

Will I lose followers?

While it's possible, the truth is it's also possible to gain followers through this strategy. Again, if you're scrambling to post and gain followers, often times you're not focusing on the ones you already have. Isn't your existing audience worth the effort?

It's time to simplify.

If you're tired of feeling like a content mill and ready to simplify your posting process (without losing followers or your sanity), why not try it out?

Isn't it worth gaining back hours of your time and enjoying family dinner without your phone in your face? Before long, you'll be feeling those Good Vibrations and Celebrating Good times!

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