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She was lost on Instagram...

Jamie Bailey struggled to get her content seen on Instagram. While running a successful in-person counseling practice with her husband, she was at a loss to make Instagram work for them.

When we first got on Instagram, it was me Googling everything. And there are so many opinions! But Google steals my time, and paying for coaching gave me my peace back! I knew our content was solid and that we could help people, but I didn’t know how to use the platform to draw followers.”

After meeting with Jamie, I quickly realized she doubted the power of sharing her real authentic life on the platform. “My life is boring, though, I literally just go to physical therapy and walk my dog!” She moaned.

But after putting the strategy to work, she started to notice a difference. Followers began flooding her inbox with “Me too” comments, conversations ensued, and she began building rapport and establishing relationships.

And today? Jamie and Chris of @expedition_marriage now have over 20K followers, hundreds of shares, skyrocketing engagement, and ALSO contracted a book deal – ALL ON INSTAGRAM.

“Ruthie taught us to show up on Instagram as who we are and to offer value. And our followers are here for what we have because she helped us show them what it is we’re really offering.”

Having a solid content marketing plan is a game changer, one that attracts followers, generates email signups, and transitions into clients.

I get it! Other people make it look easy. But for you, it’s been a drag. You thought the hard part was going to be figuring out the tech, but as it turns out, that was only just the beginning. And now you feel like you must be missing something.

And you’re not alone...most marketers struggle with this.

And that's why YOU get to make sure you get it right...the FIRST time!

From marketing mishap to mastery

“I put your suggestions to work in the email I sent out last Friday and immediately received replies like, ‘Oh my gosh this was such a good email thank you for sharing this with me’, and, ‘I really needed to hear this right now thank you!’”

Melinda Patrick, After incorporating newsletter feedback

“As an author, I was told to build my Instagram platform, but I didn’t think I had time. Turns out it was exactly what I needed – AND, I grew my platform by nearly 200 followers!”

Vina Mogg, Author

“I have been so stuck on what the heck to say in my newsletters. Now, I have a swipe file with prompts, a newsletter template, and am finding my way to my own voice (not someone else’s who is funny or clever or deep)! I’m a more natural fit to my avatar!”

Elise Daly Parker, Life Coach and Podcaster

Hey there!
I'm Ruthie Gray

I want to help you solve your marketing woes.

I used to be completely lost on Instagram. I didn’t know how to attract followers or get engagement.

Frankly, I quit the platform THREE TIMES before succeeding. I felt like a dorky Jan in a sea of Marshas.

Instagram isn’t like any other social media platform. It has a format all its own.

And sometimes? It even shuts down (like that random day for 6 hours).

What’s more, I realized the magic is in combining email marketing with Instagram to not only cover the bases (like blackouts), but to solidify a marketing plan that delivers regular clients.

In fact, I do it all with a small following and a small list! (And make money.)

So…what if you could make both Instagram AND email marketing work for your business?