Wanna know the marketing power of Instagram stories?

With over 500 million daily users, connecting with potential customers

is not just a fairy tale.

Instagram marketing can be fun, simple, and less stressful.

Learn to convert story content so you never run out of posts by repurposing AND get a Simple Posting Plan that won't make you lose your mind.


If scrambling to create content feels more like

"This little Piggy went to Market"...

Let's face it, Instagram is pushing Reels hot and heavy. But you're soooo tired of constant content creation!

How can you repurpose stories when they disappear down the rabbit hole in 24 hours?

If you took our 30-Day Story Challenge, you may be thinking,

"How do I even start back posting when I was just getting the hang of stories?"

Sounds like a not-so-happy ending #amIright?

Back to the Reels Rat Race aka "3 Blind Mice"?

"I spend hours and hours thinking of content for Reels. Do I have to keep that pace?" (I'd rather pull a Rip Van Winkle and sleep my way through Reels.)

How can I actually "go to market" without a plan?

The framework of the story challenge made it easy to post with a task of the day and plan of action.

Floundering alone in a sea of big influencers and fighting for my spot in the algorithm seems kinda like "This little piggy went to market" and never came home...

What if we wrote a new chapter?

30-Days of stories is less pressure.

But the thought of returning to the grind of graphic creation, captions, and of course Reels is overwhelming. (Much like Snow White's disturbing adventure into the forest.)

It's too much, yet the story challenge shows consistency brings growth. (Also, people really like (good) stories!)

And yet, where's the happy ending?

Is this a cliffhanger??!

Introducing the Stories to Market Workshop.

Decipher story analytics

Repurpose value content based on actions you want followers to take.

Five minute Reels

Convert stories to simple Reels from start to finish (including cover).

Ready-made captions

Pop in our Fill-in-the-blank holiday caption templates for faster posting.

6-Day (Repeatable) Posting Plan

A framework that frees your mind so you always know what to post!

1. Decode analytics for targeted Traffic

Learn to find (and decipher) story analytics and repurpose value content based on your goals. This will help you determine what your followers want more of so you don't have to guess what to share!

Vidoes include:

  • Find your most important analytics
  • Use these in conjunction with your goals
  • Type ideas in our fillable Analytics Worksheet

2. Create Reels in five minutes

It's not a fairy tale - it's actually possible to create a simple Reel in 5 minutes (or less) from your story still shots! Learning to do this will speed your content repurposing process so you can be free to do other things (like read Cinderella or The Princess and the Pea)!

Videos Include:

  • How to assemble a simple Reel in 5 minutes
  • Creation examples
  • Walk thru demonstrations

3. Get a sustainable posting strategy

Reels are great, but you can create at least 4 other pieces of content from stories. Not only will you learn how, but you'll get my one-of-a-kind posting strategy to keep you consistent without the crazy. I'm not leaving you in "Wonderland" in this one - I'll cover how to do that and more, so you won't be lost after class is over.

Videos Included:

  • 6-Day Cinch Posting Plan Framework
  • Plus extra how-to videos for more Reels creation

This workshop is designed to help you repurpose stories for conversion marketing - the same methods Ruthie uses to grow her Instagram.

(Also not a fairy tale!)


Holiday Templates + caption Bundle


Scheduling Video Walk-thru!


Traditional & not-so-known holiday posting prompts
Plus fill-in-the-blank captions, and more!


Ready to repurpose stories and simplify your marketing plan?

Enroll today!

Get the all-in-one workshop to repurpose content and start posting consistently!

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Here's the Post Script

  • One Time Payment
  • Full on-demand access to Workshop
  • Lifetime access to downloadable resources

Client Testimonials

"Ruthie is authentic, well informed, and willing to pass on what she knows."

Joni Scott - Podcaster

"I always learn something from Ruthie whether through her courses, membership, or just engaging with her Instagram."

Jennifer Booth - The Planning Woman, Podcaster

"Ruthie delivers value over and over and, even though I have been nervous about the money I spent each time (courses, coaching, community), I was always glad I did after the fact!"

Alison Simmons - Entrepreneur, Podcaster

"Ruthie feeds her students in small segments that deliver big results."

Brenda McDearmon - Author, Blogger

"I love Ruthie's teaching & honesty in helping women grow their Instagram."

Melanie Kendall - Entrepreneur, Ann & Grace Boutique

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Training Right For Me?

The pre-recorded workshop and accompanying course materials will benefit anyone who wants to improve their understanding of how to create simple Reels from story content based on analytics data and your personal posting goals. Plus, learn to convert stories into 4 other modes of content to get (and keep) followers engaging! Ruthie also shares simple tricks she uses for faster creation and repurposing.

*You do need to have an Instagram Professional account to read analytics and toggle the settings button to save stories to archives.

How long is the workshop?

This recorded training is 55 minutes long, including audience questions and answers. It is also divided into 4 shorter sections with resource materials so you can search for answers quickly.

What materials are included?

You will receive the recorded workshop, the Stories-to-Reels Roadmap, BONUS Holiday Caption and graphics templates plus scheduling video, a quick hashtag resource, the Story Analytics Guide, fillable worksheets, and the 6-Day Cinch Posting Plan. Plus, our short Canva image creation course and our Reels Personality Mini course.

Is There A Refund Policy?

If you’re not satisfied with the course, you can email to request a full refund within the first 24-hours of the workshop. Members who participate in our trainings, go through all the materials and actively take part in their learning experience are typically delighted with their newfound knowledge, and more successful in growing their Instagram.

What If I Have more Questions?

You can contact us at ruthie@authenticonlinemarketing.com.

Ready to write the rest of the story?

Start the journey to simplifying your content creation and go to market the right way.

(And we're not playing Pinocchio here!)

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